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Horses might be added to Oakland City list of banned animals

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Chickens and goats are banned within the city limits of Oakland City, Now, horses might be added to that list. 

The ban was enforced earlier in October and it affects three families.

One of those families also has a miniature horse named Liberty, and owner Bryan Grubb says he's just disgusted with the whole situation.

Grubb says liberty has been living in his fenced-in backyard for two years now and she's more than just a pet, she is a member of the family. He says his son loves her and his neighbors are okay with her being there, which is why he doesn't understand what city council hopes to accomplish by enforcing the ban.  

Oakland City Mayor Hugh Wirth says it is simply a fairness issue. If chickens and goats are banned, then horses should be, too.

Grubb says he doesn't agree and thinks all of his animals should stay.

"You can see she's the size of a big dog and we got the goat to provide milk whenever we bred her because we drink goat's milk. We get eggs everyday from the chickens, and there's nothing better than a free range chicken egg, if you ask me," Grubb says.

As of now, Grubb has to get rid of his chickens and goats by January 1, but says he hopes to be allowed to keep his horse.  

More decisions will be made at the next city council meeting which is set for November 12.

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