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Parents concerned about school safety after shots fired calls

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As Evansville police crackdown on violent crime, schools in the target areas are keeping students safe while in class and on the bus.

Police are investigating a shots fired call on Cass Avenue, just blocks away from Culver school. They say those shots were fired around 5:00 Tuesday afternoon. 

Culver Elementary School is just a few blocks away and buses were still on the road. It's violent crimes like that one that have Tri-State parents concerned about their children's safety. 

On Monday, EVSC's Lincoln School had to go into secure mode after officials got word from police that a shots fired incident was going on near the building. 

Secure mode means there isn't a danger in the school, but somewhere nearby. A regular lockdown means there's an immediate threat. 

Anytime these situations occur, parents are alerted through phone or email, and some students' bus routes may be altered or delayed depending on where the incident is happening. 

Some parents tell 14 News that knowing the violence is happening so close to their kids can be terrifying.

"Somebody sneaking into the school and getting to the students, I have a second grader here and I never know what could happen. Growing up, there was stuff happened in schools when I was growing up, but now having it happen to my child, I'm pretty scared," Amanda Cain said.

Marsha Jackson with EVSC says anytime there are incidents going on near a school and they go into a lockdown, no one is allowed to go into the building or leave the building.

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