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Henderson Co. parents want answers, officials says lips are sealed

Parents want to know more about a Henderson County High School teacher suspended for allegedly punching a student. 

But for now, officials say their lips are sealed. Superintendent Dr. Thomas Richey says the investigation continues.

He says when it comes time it will be his decision, and his alone, on whether to hand down any further punishment. The district does not comment on personnel issues.

However, when 14 News spoke exclusively with the mother of the student involved she said other parents have a right to know what is going on.

As reported on Friday, according to the student, the teacher asked him to go to the principal's office. The student says he refused and the teacher tried to take a picture of him with his cell phone.

That's when the student says he knocked the cell phone out of the teacher's hand and the teacher punched him in the face.

14 News asked Richey at the board of education meeting on Monday night about the status of the investigation and the teacher involved.

"I'm not going to discuss anything. We're still in the process, we can't really say anything. I told you that. We told you that for the past four days, so when we're done with it, we'll be able to make a statement," Richey said.  

"As we said, when this investigation is done, if there's any information to pass along, it will be passed on. Until such time, it cannot be discussed," Ben Johnston said. He's the chairman of the Henderson County Board of Education.

Dr. Richey tells 14 News that parents should be familiar with the district's policies and procedures and wouldn't say whether or not the teacher is or will be back in the classroom.    

Henderson police say no criminal charges have been filed.

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