Colts Win

It was a big night for the Indianapolis Colts as they hand the Broncos their first loss. We'll have highlights of last night's big game, coming up around 5:13 on Sunrise.

Healthcare Glitches

President Obama will address problems with the rollout of his healthcare plan today.  He's expected to speak in the Rose Garden.  We'll tell you about that around 5:30.

Same Sex Marriage

Same sex couples are tying the knot in New Jersey. It's now the 14th state to recognize same sex marriage. Details at 5 and 6.

Speedway Accident

We're expected to learn more today about an accident at the Western Kentucky Speedway in Madisonville. We'll have the latest information at 6:30.

Warmest Day of the Week

That's right. Chad says enjoy the 60s today with a few chances for showers tonight. Cooler temps and even some frost is possible later in the week. He's in for Byron with your 14 First Alert Forecast.

Hope you had a great weekend! We'll see you on Sunrise.