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Mother: Teacher punched student in the face

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The mother of a Henderson County High School student says her son was suspended after a teacher punched him in the face.

Officials at Henderson County High School said they suspended the teacher as well after the "altercation."

The official response is that this is a "personnel matter."

14 News talked to parents, students and school officials on Friday to find out more about the "altercation."

The mother tells us that the teacher punched her son in the face after he told the teacher not to take his picture.

She says her son took a skateboard to school on Tuesday. Before school, the students sit in the cafeteria and her son went to go take the skateboard to his locker. 

A teacher saw him walking in the hallway and told him that he needed to go back to the cafeteria. The student tried explaining to the teacher what he was doing and asked the teacher if he could go see the principal. 

The teacher refused and again told the student he needed to back to the cafeteria. The mother says her son called the teacher 'childish' after the teacher started to follow him. 

The student was heading toward the cafeteria when, according to the mom, the teacher told the student that he needed to go to the principal's office for being defiant, but the student refused.

That's when she says the teacher tried to take a picture of her son.

The student put his hands in front of the camera and told the teacher not to take his picture. The teacher tried again, and the student knocked the phone out of the teacher's hand.

That's when the teacher punched him.

The mother said that her son said he felt like he was being violated when the teacher attempted to take his picture.

A friend of the student says he can't believe what happened.

"I think that teacher should have a little bit more self control," said the friend. "I think the teacher should have gone and got another teacher. I don't think the teacher should've taken it to the extremes that he did."

We talked to Henderson School District PIO, Danielle Crafton, on Friday morning to get information on their side of the altercation.

 Crafton sent us this statement:

"After further investigation from the district level, it is confirmed that a Henderson County High School employee was involved in an altercation with a high school student which demonstrated aggression of the student to the employee and the employee to the student. 

The employee has been suspended, as well as the student. 

With this being a personal [sic] matter, we cannot comment further on this issue."

14 News reached out to Crafton again asking what exactly happened. She told us that she couldn't say any more than what was on the statement because it was a "personnel matter."

That's when she directed us to the Human Resources Director for Henderson County Schools, Bruce Swanson, who told our reporter, "The public, at large, does not have a right to know..."

Know about what? We're still not sure, although the HR Director did tell us that no criminal charges have been filed by the child's parents.

We spoke with a parent outside of the school on Friday, who believed the public DOES have a right to know.

"If it was a student, they wouldn't have any problem saying anything about it and as a teacher, you're suppose to lead by example so you should never lose your temper enough to put your hands on a student," said the parent.

We also reached out to the school attorney on Friday, who was out of the office.

Right now, the mother tells 14 News she is trying to figure out whether or not to press charges.

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