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KY Senator visits Owensboro to speak at health policy leadership briefing

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Kentucky Senator Rand Paul visited Owensboro on Thursday, speaking and meeting with community leaders about the impact of the new era of health care.

Residents and hospital staff attended the invitation-only meeting at Owensboro Health Regional Hospital's auditorium to listen to several speakers.

Among those who spoke was the new hospital CEO, Phillip Patterson.

The Symposium discussed that as a hospital and healthcare system, they are not just about taking care of patients, but helping educate people about what healthcare really is.

"Unless you're in the healthcare industry, you really don't pay attention to healthcare," said Steve Johnson. "You think of it as: I go to the doctor when I'm sick. The reality is we go to get away from that, we all have to take much more responsibility for our own health. We have to understand the changes to our health and healthcare, nothing is free and its all going to change."

Johnson is the director for community and government affairs at the hospital. He said with Owensboro Health being a regional leader, it is important to help people better understand healthcare, especially in regards of paying for healthcare in the future.

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