New Clothes needed for local assault survivors

New clothes are needed in Owensboro for local victims of sexual assault. New Beginnings Sexual Assault Support Services says investigators often take victims clothes worn during an assault for evidence. The nonprofit is collecting new cold weather clothing, men, and women  underwear of all sizes, sports bras of all sizes, t-shirts, sweatshirts, flip flops.

Volunteers will be putting kits together and presenting them to victims at local hospitals. After the forensic examination is complete, the victim will be given the clothes and have the opportunity to redress. The program is intended to reduce some of the trauma of sexual assault in the community, to help restore dignity to the victim, and to allow the healing process to begin.

If you are interested in making a donation to this program you can call New Beginnings at 270-926-7273 and they will be able to pick it up from you or you can drop off items at the New Beginnings Office at 1716 Scherm Road in Owensboro.