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How did our local lawmakers vote?

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The standoff between Republicans and Democrats over a federal budget and raising the debt ceiling has almost ended. 

The House passed a bill Wednesday to keep the government funded through the New Year, setting up another possible budget battle in January. Now, the bill is on its way to the president.

So how did out local lawmakers vote?

285-144 was the count in the House on Wednesday night, with the only no votes coming from House Republicans. One of them, the Republican Congressman from Indiana's 8th District, Dr. Larry Buchson.

In the Senate, both Republican and Democratic senators from Indiana and Illinois voted for the deal, so did Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell from Kentucky. His counterpart in the Commonwealth, Rand Paul, voted against it.

Senator Joe Donnelly was part of the team that worked toward this plan. Earlier on Wednesday, he said "he was optimistic it will pass through (the House) on Wednesday, and from the lessons learned they can put a governing coalition together that can work together." 

Reaching a deal was a tough go in the House where many Republicans stuck to their guns in trying to rollback the Affordable Care Act. 

Local congressman voting for the deal included Whitfield of Kentucky's First District, Brett Guthrie of Kentucky's Second District, Todd Young of Indiana's 9th District, and Illinois 15th District's John Shimkus.

Earlier on Wednesday, 14 News spoke with Congressman Buchson, who said he'd vote against the deal.

"This is just kicking the can down the road. We're going to be in the same situation with our funding. Same situation in February with our debt ceiling and doesn't make any substantial changes that keeps us out of trouble so, I just can't support that," Buchson said. 

Lawmakers say they're hoping there won't be a repeat of this gridlock situation in the next rounds of negotiations.

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