Neighbors concerned with new fertilizer plant location

Construction of the Midwest Fertilizer plant could start early next year at the 219-acre site near Mt. Vernon.

The project gained ground on Thursday after approval from the Posey County Zoning Board.

A number of people voiced their concerns about safety and traffic. In the end, the Zoning Board of Appeals says the plant is a go.

For Brian Hermann, plans for Posey County's new fertilizer plant hit too close to home.

"We've got kids out there and it's a 20miles per hour speed limit," said Hermann. "People fly up there at 40, 50 miles per hour. They're wasting taxpayer dollars on having a thing like this."

Hermann joined other neighbors at Thursday's meeting who live off Sauerkraut Lane and Mackey Ferry Roads - the future plant site.

The $2.1-billion project is expected to create $2,500 construction jobs and 200 permanent positions.

Representatives from Midwest Fertilizer say the plant will comply with strict federal and state environmental standards.

"We're being very careful about this," said Jerry Walden. "We want this thing to really work and it's not going to be a hodge-podge put together. It's going to have a lot of thought and a lot of planning."

To those who call the area home say they're still concerned about heavy truck traffic, chemical fumes, and noise.

"It's kind of disgusting to think that you've got to wake up to that everyday," said Joseph Kruger.

There are only a few more steps before construction begins in 2014.

Manufacturing at the plant could get underway in 2017.

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