Counterfeit money circulating through Princeton and Mt Carmel

PRINCETON, IN (WFIE) - The Princeton Police Department says it is seeing more fake money circulating through town but it is not the smaller bills that are concerning them.  Police say the counterfeiter is using fake 100 and 50 dollar bills.

Ruth's Attic was the first business in Princeton victimized by the counterfeiter but more businesses were affected later.

Princeton Police say more money was turned in by Regions Bank, Kentucky Fried Chicken, and Save-A-Lot.  The counterfeit bills all have the same serial number, one that also matches the counterfeit bills found in Mount Carmel, Illinois.

Ryan Turner, with the Mount Carmel Police Department, says he has seen four fake $100 bills and one $50 bill, in the past week.  Both Princeton and Mount Carmel Police Departments are confident the same person is behind this scam but, until a suspect is caught, they are urging people to be cautious and to look for these fake bills.  They are not always difficult to identify.

"It felt funny and it just did not look right," says Becky Norrenbrock, the owner of Ruth's Attic, "but I do not get enough 100 dollar bills or 50 dollar bills and, with them changing all the time, I was just happy I had a 50 dollar sale."

The investigation is ongoing but Norrenbrock says she had learned a valuable lesson.  She is no longer going to accept 100 or 50 dollar bills in her store.

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