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Minimal crime at 2013 Fall Festival

Evansville Police say that, for the most part, the thousands of people who have visited the West Side Nut Club's Fall Festival are staying out of trouble, but there have been a few arrests.

Police say from their end, as far as crime goes, it's been a great week at the Fall Festival. There hasn't been many issues.

Police have a pretty big presence at the end of the main Franklin Street strip with a mobile command unit set up near the games and rides.

They say that's where they have the most problems.

So far this week, there hasn't been many arrests.

EPD says there have been two disorderly conduct charges.

One of them involving someone who fought with officers. One person was arrested for public intoxication.

Wednesday night, officers smelled marijuana coming from a vehicle in the festival area. They stopped the car and arrested the driver who didn't have a license. A passenger was also arrested for having two handguns without a permit within 1,000 feet of a school.

Police say a few vehicles have been vandalized. They have had a report of one theft from a car and one stolen vehicle.

Overall, for the amount of cars and people at the festival, police are pleased.

Officers are out on foot and on bike around the festival. Some are watching from above.

"Something we added a couple years ago was putting officers up on roofs of some of the businesses particularly around the park," said Sgt. Jason Cullum. "When you're on foot in the park, your visibility is really limited based on what's around you. The guys that are up on the roofs can see down into the crowd. It's a lot better vantage point. The guys that are up there are with our SWAT team, they are snipers, but they're up there in an observer capacity.  It's a lonely gig up there, but it's very important."

Police have a couple of reminders for festival goers: Don't leave anything valuable sitting out in plain view in your car as you come to enjoy the Fall Festival.

Also, when you're walking to and from Franklin Street, police say to stick to the main streets that have better lighting and avoid alleyways.

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