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Some EVSC students adopt plan to prevent bullying

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Wednesday is the National Bullying Prevention Center's Unity Day, and some EVSC schools have adopted a unique plan to stop it.

The plan is called peer-mediation. It's just what it sounds like- students helping students prevent bullying at school. Peer mediation allows students to mediate conflicts among other students.

Plaza Park Middle School Counselor Dianne Fowler says the school has 28 student-mediators who meet with conflicting students on a daily basis.

"The people we've helped. I've seen them in their classroom area. Their problems have gotten a lot better. There is no problem any more," eighth grader Megan Laurence said.

Fowler says those mediators have the students fill-out a contract pledging to end the conflict, so it doesn't grow into an ongoing bullying situation.

"I've actually been bullied. So, I know what it's been like and I know what people are going through. I just don't want them to go through that problem right now, or any time," said Nicole Bachysky, an eighth grader.

Over the years, Fowler says this method has radically reduced bullying at Plaza. She says she hopes all schools eventually adopt peer-mediation.

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