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Warning to vendors: watch for fake money at festival

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There's a warning on Tuesday night for vendors of the West Side Fall Festival. 

Be on the lookout for fake money. Authorities tell us it's more of a concern this year than ever before.

It really is up to the vendors to make sure the money they're taking in is the real deal. You can imagine just how much money is being exchanged on Franklin Street this week.

That's why Evansville Police warned vendors over the weekend to keep a close eye on the money they take in. Officers say over 100 cases of counterfeit money was reported to them just last month alone.  

They fear that some of that fake money could make its way down to the Fall Festival. At the University of Evansville booth they have a pen to use to check the money and have pictures of what fake money might look like posted in their booth.

"Like we hustle and we bust our butts to sell and make money for our charity and we don't want any of it to be fake. All of my guys, they're trained to check every $20. Then at the end of the day, I go back and I check them again because I'm worried about it. We haven't found one yet," said Brian Naas with the University of Evansville booth.

Let's hope they don't, but police warn they are out there and want vendors to report any funny money immediately.

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