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Warrrick Co. schools taking stance on bullying

The Warrick County School Corporation is taking steps to better protect the young kids they serve. 

The school board is taking a tough stance when it comes to bullying and defining what bullying is so school officials can then take action.

On Monday night, the school board passed a first reading of an impact statement on bullying.

The state mandate is an official definitive of bullying that continues the corporation's current anti-bullying efforts. It basically allows school officials to go in and investigate cases of bullying when they come to their attention.

Superintendent Brad Schneider says that bullying is simply not tolerated and steps to combat the problems are essential, he says, to make sure kids feel safe and concentrate in the classroom.

"In order for that to happen, for kids to achieve at a high level, they have to feel safe. I think that's what this policy is all about," Schneider says. 

School officials say stopping bullying in it's tracks is one of their top priorities.

"That's basically a statement that says, this is how we feel about it. We're going to do something about it. We're going to take action," says Rick Reid, the school safety coordinator.

The impact statement will be adopted after a second reading.

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