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Mother speaks out after man accused of secretly filming young girls

Steven Michael Sandleben, 39. (Source: Evansville Police Department) Steven Michael Sandleben, 39. (Source: Evansville Police Department)

An Evansville man was arrested last week for voyeurism after a woman says she caught him filming up her daughter's skirt. 

39-year-old Steven Sandleben, who was arrested Friday, is charged with three counts of voyeurism and drug possession. 

That mother tells 14 News that she caught Sandleben with his hand completely up her daughter's skirt at the west side Goodwill back in August. She also says she caught him taking pictures of another little girl inside that same Goodwill back in January. 

The mother says her niece was sitting on the ground near a clothing rack, and when the little girl stood back up, the mother saw a man's hand with a camera coming from behind the clothes. She says at the time she wasn't sure what he had been doing, so they left.

But in the most recent incident, she says she has no doubt that he had taken pictures and she called 911.

Police searched Sandleben's home and seized a pocket camera and several hard drives. Detectives were able to identify a deleted video that showed underneath the clothing of that four-year-old girl.

Detectives found more than 200 videos on one of the hard drives. Officials matched those videos to an online forum and found a user that matched Sandleben's photo.

One video dates back to October 2011 called "Cutoff Inspection" and there are more than ten videos from the Mission Viejo Apartment Complex pool from May 2012 and several from the Burdette Park Pool from August.

Police say Sandleben used an underwater camera in the pool videos.

The mother of the youngest victim says she vowed to keep an eye out for him at the Fall Festival to protect other young girls, but she says he was arrested just in time.

"I went numb. All I could do was just get over there as quick as I could and get in his face and get him away from my kid. That's all I kept saying was, 'Get away from my kid right now,'" the mother said. "It just is the scariest feeling to know that somebody is out there targeting. It's not just young ladies, these are children. They're four. It's just beyond me how somebody could find that attractive or be drawn to that."

This is the second time Sandleben has been arrested and charged with voyeurism. He is still in the Vanderburgh County Jail on $10,000 cash bond and is due in court again on Monday. 

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