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Taking a Stand: Tri-state shows their heart

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I want to take a second and congratulate you, the people of the Tri-State, for taking a stand against crime and helping someone in need.

Ryan Kneer has Cerebral Palsy and gets around a three-wheeled bike. This past Monday someone stole that bike outside a drug store on the north side of Evansville.

After we aired the story Wednesday evening, the great viewers of the Tri-State took a stand against that low-life who stole his bike, and began donating money to buy Ryan a new bike.

Thanks to your generosity, in less than 24 hours, there was more than enough money for Ryan to buy himself a new bike.

Folks, this is why I love this business and I love my station. The 14 News Team recognized this was more than just a bike being stolen story, and we shared it with you, who in turn, shared your love of generosity and the need to right a wrong.

I'm proud of you Tri-State, for reaching out in these tough times, and helping Ryan out. In times of government shutdowns, bickering over who's right and who's wrong, it's nice to know, HERE, in the Tri-State, we still know the important issues to take a stand on.

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