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Henderson girl upset over cancelled field trip gives advice to lawmakers

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Meredith Gold, a fourth grader at East Heights Elementary School in Henderson. Meredith Gold, a fourth grader at East Heights Elementary School in Henderson.

A 9-year-old Tri-State girl, who has been affected by the partial shutdown along with her classmates, has some advice for congress and the president. 

That girl, a fourth grader in Henderson, is so upset that the government shutdown has shutdown her field trip at school that she decided to write lawmakers a letter and pass along some advice. 

"Dear Kentucky Congressmen, my name is Meredith Gold," the student says as she reads 14 News her letter. 

She's not happy the government shut down has made its way from Washington to East Heights Elementary School in Henderson.

"At my school, the fourth grade was going to Mammoth Cave National Park tomorrow. Due to the government shutdown, we are unable to go," Meredith says.

Because national parks were forced to close, Meredith and her class were forced to delay their class trip to Mammoth Cave, something they've been looking forward to for weeks.

"This made us very disappointed. Some kids may not be able to go to places like these unless they go there with their class," she says.

So Meredith decided she wanted lawmakers to know how upset she is about the great field trip shutdown. Her parents say she sat down at home, and in about one hour, typed out an email to President Obama and Kentucky lawmakers.  

She ended her letter with some simple advice that she says works very well at East Heights.

"At my school when we get into disagreements, we compromise, work as a team, use leadership, have a positive attitude, and respect each other.  I encourage you to do this in Washington D.C. Sincerely, Meredith Gold," her letter says.

So far, Meredith has received a form letter by email from the president. She's still waiting to hear back from the others.  

She says she will get to go on that trip once congress puts her advice to use.

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