YWCA feeling the pinch after government shutdown

Some local organizations are feeling the pinch after the federal government shut down and stopped sending checks.

The YWCA is already facing a $20,000 loss after the sequestration cuts, and now, the government shut down is withholding some very critical funding.

CEO Erika Taylor says the YWCA has contacted the federal agencies from which they receive funding and are getting automatic responses that no one is in the office.

Taylor says they request funds from the grants they have received from HUD, but now no one is available to process the requests.

The YWCA also reports information about the services they provide and those records are important for future funding.

Taylor tells 14 News that the YWCA budgets for the year based on money they typically receive, so when anticipated funds aren't coming in things get tight.

"If no one is there to process our claim, then we are not going to be able to draw down funds. So in the interim, we're finding that we just have a little bit of unknown at this point as to when we'll be able to draw down the funds. I suppose that the longer the shut down lasts, it could potentially create a cash flow situation," Taylor said.

The YWCA receives about 30-percent of its annual budget from federal funding. Officials say they are always looking for other revenue streams so they don't have to rely on government funds.

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