Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Government Shutdown

The morning hours won't look much like a partial federal government shutdown even though one is now in place. Federal workers will still have to report to work for about four hours, but they'll be limited to work related to the shutdown like securing work stations. Congress failed to reach a temporary spending deal to keep the government running as Republicans insisted on trying to derail or delay the Affordable Care Act while Democrats and the administration refused. The latest on Sunrise.

Affordable Health Care Act

Today is launch day for a major part of the health care overhaul. It's opening day for the new insurance exchanges, intended to expand health coverage to millions of uninsured Americans. The exchanges are starting up just as most of the federal government is shutting down over Congress' failure to agree on temporary spending.

Local Health Insurance Help

The online marketplaces where you can shop for health insurance open for business. So what does this mean for you? You can find answers to those questions today in Evansville. Nicole is live with the details.

Western Kentucky

"GRAAD" is teaming up with the A-A-R-P to educate folks about several healthcare updates and the new plan that goes into effect today.  Emily Busby is live with that part of the story.

October Warmth

Patchy fog early this morning. Brighter skies today and Wednesday with high temperatures in the lower 80s.  Thunderstorms will be possible with the late-week system that will move through Friday night and early Saturday.  Byron has the 14 First Alert forecast.

So enjoy your day, and we'll see you on Sunrise.