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Families bonding after kidney transplant

Two Tri-State men are now forever connected after an organ transplant earlier in September.

They're on the road to recovery and couldn't be happier with their decision.

The kidney transplant happened in Indianapolis but everything started at Deaconess Hospital.

Charlie Bockelman and Meredith Petty work there and when Bockelman found out Meredith's husband needed a kidney, he stepped in to donate.

So far the healing process is going well for both men.

"There's no trouble for far," said Mitch Petty. "It's just a little tough to walk, but I'm really thankful with the way it's gone."

Three weeks after surgery, the two men are healing and the two families are building a friendship.

"Charlie and his family turned out family back around," said Mitch. "It's not right for everybody, but I suggest if the time is right and they feel it can be done, it's a good thing and you could really help somebody's whole family, not just that one person."

Charlie should head back to work in two or three weeks.

He has an appointment with his surgeon in Indy on October 10.

As for Mitch, soon he'll only have to travel to Indy once a week. After than he'll be treated at the Deaconess Clinic in Evansville.

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