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Search for home invasion suspect continues

Evansville police say they are continuing to search for a suspect in a late Sunday night home invasion on South Denby Avenue. 

14 News spoke with the family who went through the terrible experience.

"I pick up the baby, hold the baby like this. I unlock the door and open it and I got a gun. He just literally goes like this in my face and basically pushes me back into my house," James Sharp says.

Had Sharp known it wasn't his wife knocking on the door late Sunday night, he never would have opened it. Sharp says the intruder yelled at him while he was holding baby Kaitlyn, who was woken up by the loud banging. 

"My immediate reaction is to do something. To protect, not only myself, but the people inside my house. The baby and the four kids that are upstairs sleeping," Sharp says.

Feeling helpless, Sharp also was confused. 

"He kept on yelling, 'Willy, Willy, why'd you snitch on Willy?'" Sharp says.

Sharp doesn't know who Willy is and police thinks it's an example of intimidation.

"We think we've tracked that back to a 911 call he made during a dispute recently where one of the involved parties got arrested. He's looked at as a snitch," EPD Sergeant Jason Cullum says.

EPD says incidents such as this and shootings in the area seem to have increased lately, but police say it's not because they aren't responding. 

"We're chasing them down, we're confronting these armed individuals. In the last week and a half, we've gotten several people in custody during these shots fired because we were in the neighborhood when it happened. We've gotten three guns off the street," Cullum says. 

Cullum points out that for things to truly change people have to start helping officers and not fear retaliation. 

"They have to say officer, I want to help, but I'm scared of retaliation from the criminal, from the criminal's family. That is why I'm reluctant. Then we can start the process from there," Cullum says. 

Police say nothing was taken and no one was hurt.

If you have any information about this or other recent crimes, call the Evansville Police Department or make an anonymous tip through We Tip at 1-800-78-CRIME.

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