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Warrick Co. woman warns parents after attempted abduction

Taylor Yancey Taylor Yancey

A Tri-State woman is still shaken up after she says she was almost abducted along a busy highway. 

19-year-old Taylor Yancey, of Newburgh, says she was walking to work on Friday afternoon when a man drove up beside her and told her to get into his car. 

She escaped and is now safe and sound, but says she's fearful of what this man could do. 

"My heart kind of sank into my stomach," Taylor says. 

Taylor says she won't be walking anywhere anytime soon. She was walking to work along Highway 66 near Walgreens in Newburgh when a man in a black car pulled up next to her. 

"Said, 'Hey get in the car,' Taylor says.

She says that she said no, but he persisted and started to get out of the car. That's when she started running to Huck's gas station and called her mom.

"Just the terror in her voice. It's just so unnerving," Barbara Wilkinson, Taylor's mom, says.  

Taylor got to Huck's, only to notice the man had followed her there. She got inside while her mom called the police. When authorities showed up, the man was already gone.  

The sheriff says a crime wasn't committed, but it was inappropriate behavior, so they're not giving up.

"Just keeping a look out for the vehicle, going to businesses telling them if anybody sees the vehicle. Let us know," Warrick County Sheriff Brett Kruse says. 

Taylor and her mother say they don't feel safe knowing this guy is still out there. 

"I'm terrified that eventually he'll pick up another girl, or another little child, or he'll come back. I'm just wanting for him to get caught," Taylor says. 

"He wasn't able to get my 19 year old, but I'm scared to death that he's going to actually pick up a child and take off. I don't want any mother to feel the way I felt that day," Barbara shares. 

For now, the sheriff wants people to be aware. He believes that Taylor did the right thing. 

"Never get into a car with a stranger. If somebody does approach you, go to a public place or somewhere where there are a lot of other people around," Kruse says.

Taylor describes the man as about five feet eight inches and in his 20s or 30s. She believes he has black hair and possibly of Asian descent. He was driving a black Toyota. 

The Warrick County Sheriff's Office asks anyone with any information to contact them.

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