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Dance instructor using breast cancer story to help teach others

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Downtown Evansville will be bathed in pink on Saturday as breast cancer survivors and their supporters Race for the Cure.

One Tri-State dance teacher wants to raise awareness all year round.

Lory White will be at Race for the cure for the first time on Saturday and will have a huge team with her.

She wants to use her experience to help educate others.

Last March, White found herself on the sidelines at her dance school after a life-changing phone call.

Everything started with a mammogram. It came back clear, but White went ahead with an ultrasound.

That choice that day to have that ultrasound may have saved her life.

"I'm just one of those kind of people that always went 100 miles an hour," said White. "I always felt like I was stronger than a man, could do anything so I think it shocked everybody."

After a second mammogram and ultrasound, as well as a biopsy, this healthy 51-year-old with no lump and no family history was diagnosed with invasive breast cancer that was already attacked her tissue.

She had a bilateral mastectomy eight days later.

After six rounds of chemo and losing her hair, she found a blessing in it all.

"I know a lot of people say that is the biggest thing that they hate the most, to me it was never an issue whatsoever," said White. "It was almost like thank you, God, I don't have to worry about my hair. I said, 'I can get ready faster than my husband does now.'"

White is using this experience to do what she does best: teach.

"My mission is to get out there and get those ultrasounds done because if I had not done the ultrasound and I would have waited until next year with it already being in the tissue and invasive, I my chances wouldn't be near as good as they are me sitting here today," said White.

Her real family and studio family will be by her side at her first Race for the Cure.

Standing 73 people strong, she has plenty of extra hands to push around a pinked out wheelchair that was a last minute addition after a recent and unplanned trip to the hospital.

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