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New substance abuse program for women to open in Rockport


A substance abuse recovery program in Rockport is hoping to open a new facility for women.

The Way Program's Director Brett Cieslack says there has been a steady rise in female incarcerations in Spencer County in recent years, which prompts the need for the new women's facility.

"I've been through the Evansville State Hospital before, when I was younger. I've been through several different kinds of rehab programs and nothing ever worked. Nothing ever worked, but God works," program graduate Terry Snyder said.

Snyder says he's a living testament to the strength of The Way program.

"I've had ups and downs in it. But by the grace of God, about 20 months ago, the program did what it's suppose to do, what it's meant to do," Synder said.

Snyder was arrested in 2010 for manufacturing meth and was sentenced to 17 years in prison, including six months in The Way program.

"It brought me to Jesus Christ. I've been sober straight for 20 months now. I'm 53 years old and have never had 20 days, let alone 20 months," Snyder said.

Now, Snyder is helping Cieslack remodel an old church and turn it into a women's facility.

"The vision all along has been to have a women's facility, but we had to get the men's facility started. Get it on solid ground financially. We were looking to start a women's facility. This church became available through some people in the Methodist Church," Cieslack said.

The Way has been helping Spencer County men for seven years. Now, Cieslack says, they're ready to help everyone.

"We've seen a lot of lives changed. We've seen men turn their lives around. Hoping to see the same thing with women now," Cieslack said.

Cieslack says there's no hard deadline for when this facility will be complete.

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