Ribbon Chicks attending Race for the Cure

There are two days left until the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure in Downtown Evansville.

Among the thousands who will walk together are a group of young breast cancer survivors.

They are leaning on each other as they continue their journey.

Once a month, Stephanie, Beth, and a dozen others, who call themselves "Ribbon Chicks" gather at Deaconess Gateway's Chancellor Center for Oncology.

They are not there for treatment, but for laughter and sometimes tears.

"She is a strong, young survivor of breast cancer," said Stephanie Retter, explaining a Ribbon Chick. "She's a woman who at age 45 or younger was diagnosed with breast cancer."

She's been in the group from the beginning of 2009. Back then, she was a one-year survivor.

After months of chemo and a double mastectomy, Beth Cummings joined after multiple surgeries.

Meetings help keep the group together, but the advice, encouragement and friendship doesn't end there.

"Any time any of us have any issues or frustrations and just need a friend to talk too, we're a phone call, an email away," said Cummings. "They have become my family."

As sisters, on Saturday, the Ribbon Chicks will walk for themselves, for those lost, and for everyone affected by breast cancer.

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