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EPD says scooter shooters are harder to track

Evansville Police say shooters on scooters know they can flee the scene in a matter of seconds, leaving behind a nearly untraceable trail.

Police say they are still lobbying for tougher regulations and in the meantime, they're relying on the public to help them in incidents where scooters are involved.

The most recent incident happened Wednesday night near Covert and Henning.

Police say one man riding on the back of a scooter hired shots at a man on a bicycle.

Evansville Police say they found the victim just down the street, but say he was not injured.

Now he isn't cooperating with the investigation.

Police tell us victims often fear retaliation and are not going to be vocal about the crime.

That means the reports aren't taken as attempted murders or assaults. They are simply criminal recklessness.

While victims may be hesitant to talk, police say they have received an enormous amount of information from the anonymous We-Tip program.

More than 200 communities subscribe to the We-Tip service and police say Evansville accounts for 10% of all calls during the last reporting period.

Police hope to receive tips about the most recent incidents.

"Within the last 48 hours we've had two shots fired incidents where you have the scooter driver controlling the scooter and the passenger riding on the back is firing handguns and that's our worst nightmare," said Sgt. Jason Cullum, with the Evansville Police Department. "You've got a generic description of a scooter that there's hundreds of them that look exactly alike and it doesn't give us much information to go on. Criminals are taking advantage of our inability to track them and their crimes are becoming more violent"

Even if there isn't a victim, if you hear what you think are gun shots, it's important to call 911 right away so officers can at the very least talk to witnesses and collect what evidence may be left.

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