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Local boy scout's face sold on popcorn bag all over country


Most of you love girl scout cookies in the summer, but others can't wait until fall when the boy scouts start their seasonal sale.

Starting this weekend, you'll see boy scouts selling popcorn.

If you pick up a bag of the jalapeno cheddar boy scout popcorn, you may notice a familiar face.

9-year-old Tyler Lane Rose, from Mt. Vernon, posed for the popcorn label three years ago.

Now, his face will be sold on popcorn across the country.

Tyler's mom, Cheryl, says it all started when she posted his kindergarten picture on Facebook.

A friend of a friend suggested he model and it took off from there.

Since then, Tyler has booked a hefty amount of jobs.

He's posed for pictures on billboards in Indianapolis, and has also appeared in 10 movies, mostly for universities film projects.

Now he's excited about his latest gig.

"I don't think everybody gets to see it, because I don't think a lot of people order jalapeno cheddar cheese, but I'm not sure," said Tyler. 

The popcorn comes in 11 different flavors and starting on Saturday, you'll see boy scouts in front of banks and stores selling it.

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