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More victims of embezzlement scheme speak out

Nearly a dozen victims have come forward about an embezzlement scheme.

Authorities say 33-year-old Richard Bogacki, of Chandler, is accused of taking more than $109,000 from clients as the Executive Director of Paragon Financial Services in Evansville.

Bogacki is currently housed at the Vanderburgh County Jail.

After we reported the incident, several people reached out to us saying they believe they are also victims of Bogacki's scheme. Some of them are still struggling financially after losing thousands.

Some victims are calling Bogacki a con-artist, others calling him a thief, but there's a common thread among the victims; they tell us Bogacki has a silver tongue and assured them their investments would make their dreams come true.

Victims say his wife owned Paragon.

Amanda Bienhaus says she and her fiance met Bogacki after Paragon went under and he was working the GVC Mortgage.

Bienhaus says they were trying to buy a house in a hurry and their realtor told them that GVC was known to quick closings.

To speed the process along, they wrote Bogacki a check for $3,700.

"He told us that he was going to take care of getting the loan into underwriting, he was going to use the money to take care of everything and continue the process," said Bienhaus. "But he did convince us to write the check to him and he said he would go through all of the appropriate channels and as first time home buyers we were not aware that was illegal or uncommon practice."

Evansville Police tell us the most money Bogacki allegedly stole from a single victim was $37,000.

In total, he is accused of embezzling $109,000.

If you believe you may have been a victim, contact Evansville Police.

GVC Mortgage made an announcement regarding Bogacki, to read that announcement click here.

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