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Newburgh woman gears up for second Race for the a survivor


Last year we met a Newburgh woman recently diagnosed with advanced stage breast cancer and today she's gearing up for her second race for the cure, as a survivor.

Jamie Ellard says Race for the Cure means hope for her daughter, her nieces and for everyone who has been or may be impacted by breast cancer and Jamie has come a long way since last year's race.

Last September Jamie Ellard's world was upside down.

Less than six months had passed since her devastating diagnosis - stage four breast cancer.

She was just 32-years-old with two young kids and lots of worries.

"If I could have dreamed that I'd be here a year feeling like I do, I wouldn't have believed it," said Jamie. "It seems like a dream, it really does."

Today Jamie's got more energy. She's finished chemo and takes daily medication. She says having her hair back helps, too. Her journey isn't over, but it's taught her a lot about the importance of support and family.

"You don't have any clue what a meal or just a card in the mail anything like that makes your day whenever you're feeling down," said Jamie. "It's just it really really brings everything into perspective. I definitely do cherish every second I have my kids and with my family," she said. "You don't realize what you take for granted until you know it could possibly be taken away."

A year ago, Jamie raced for the cure for the first time as a survivor.

"It was the most emotional thing one of the most emotional things I've ever done," she said. "And I just started bawling, I couldn't stop crying. They were so comforting people I didn't know, but they hugged me and they made me feel so much better," said Jamie. "And I hope I can do that for someone this year."

Jamie's world may not be perfect, but it is right-side up.

"I just feel like it's kind of a new beginning," she said. "I kind of just feel like it's a whole new life. I go into a doctor's appointment see the other patients and where they are and where I am, it makes me be very happy for this past year and how far I have come," said Jamie.

Race for the Cure is this Saturday in Downtown Evansville. The race begins at 9 a.m. Survivors like Jamie will be recognized at 8.

Click here for more information on the Race for the Cure.

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