You've got a Friend

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Hotel Reversal

It's been a long, difficult and often a confusing process...but it appears Evansville will get a convention hotel, after all. 14 news spoke with city council finance chairman John Friend who confirms he now plans to vote in favor of the project. Details on Sunrise.

Fog then Sunny

Brighter skies today. Higher pressure will punch today setting dry weather through Saturday night. Fog will develop early this morning. High temps this afternoon and on Friday will reach the lower 80s.

Grass Roots

They're a popular 60's band that's sold more than 20 million records worldwide.  And tonight you'll have a chance to watch "The Grass Roots" perform live.  Nicole is live with that.

National Night Out

National Night Out tonight in Owensboro.  Jess Raatz has the details live.

Gina is back with us this morning, so we'll see you on Sunrise.