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Friend plans to vote in favor of downtown hotel

It now looks like Evansville will be getting a downtown hotel.

14 News spoke with City Council Finance Chairman John Friend on Wednesday who confirms he now plans to vote in favor of the convention hotel project.

"It's hard to vote that down as much as they dropped it back," Friend said, referring to the decrease in public investment.

Friend says that it is a tough decision but isn't sure a deal like this would ever come around again.

Even though Friend plans to vote yes, he says it isn't an enthusiastic 'yes' vote because he still has some concerns.

Friend believes seven council members total will vote yes.

Mayor Lloyd Winnecke issued a statement on Twitter following Friend's announcement. 

Winnecke says he is encouraged by the new developments, but remains committed to answering final questions by council.

Click here to read how the hotel will be funded.

The vote is Monday night at the City Council meeting.

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