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Students protest preacher at USI

One man with a loud voice is getting a lot of attention on the campus of the University of Southern Indiana.

Jesse Morrell calls himself an 'Open Air Minister.' He's preached at 100 different campuses across the country.

On Wednesday a number of USI students showed up to protest the preacher, and try to drown out what they call his hateful message.

Students say Morrell's mission seems to be to shock the crowd; to draw them in and keep them there.

"The approach is really off," said Brian Jones, a senior at USI. "I mean the shock part is the derogatory statements that he is yelling at women and really, it's just limited to women, all different race groups and it's really unfortunate. He has the shock part, but I was standing around waiting for the awe."

Morrell acknowledges he is there for the "Shock and Awe factor; "Despite all the mockery and all the ridicule, I've been coming here for three days for five hours a day and that's pretty awe-inspiring."

At one point on Wednesday Morrell called campus police saying he felt threatened.

A Vanderburgh County Sheriff's Deputy that was on campus escorted him from the crowd, but he went back to preaching moments later.

Wednesday was his last day on the USI campus. His next stop is the University of Missouri.

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