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Neighborhood residents reacting to recent rise in gunfire

Frightened neighbors are reacting after a recent rise in gunfire in Evansville. 

The Goosetown neighborhood meeting was held on Tuesday night, and resident want to know what is being done to stop the violence on their streets.

Police are still investigating multiple shots fired calls from over the weekend and the latest even from Tuesday afternoon.
Shots were fired Monday night at Cherry and Bedford left one man shot in the back. Police say four or five men were involved in that attack.
Some spoke at Tuesday night's meeting, held at the Potter's Wheel, to say they're concerned by the recent violence.

"It's getting real scary. It's just, something needs to stop. Something needs to be done," Goosetown resident Pam Wilson said.

They asked police about the chance for retaliation attacks and whether gangs were involved. Others wanted answers to keep their kids safe.

"Right now, my child's childhood memories are watching police pick up shell casings on the street," Rene Gibbs said.

 Evansville Police say they're placing the Guardian in trouble spots to try to help out. Anyone with information is urged to contact Evansville police.

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