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Group discusses how to make Southern Indiana more pedestrian friendly

A number of neighborhood advocates and organizations came together Tuesday to discuss how to make Southern Indiana streets more pedestrian friendly.

The meeting took place at the Ohio Township Central Library. Less than a mile away there are several apartments and subdivisions, yet many of them don't have sidewalks to get here.

That's just one example of what people at the meeting are trying to change.

Healthy Communities, a collaboration of several local hospitals, schools and other organizations, is working with Complete Streets, an initiative to make neighborhoods more walkable and bikeable.

Tuesday was the group's first workshop.

Their immediate goal is to spread the word about the initiative, but their long term goal is to identify areas that need help. Like the area right in front of the Ohio Township Library.

"There are apartments across the street, but to get from those areas, to say, Schnucks, just across the road or to Walmart, it's almost not even feasible to do it by foot," said Shawn Zuber, Healthy Communities. "It's something that you have to do in a car, even though it's less than a quarter mile for most of the trips."

Complete Streets policies have been adopted in more than 500 communities in the U.S.

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