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South side residents taking stand against violence

Evansville's south side neighbors have come up with a plan to stop the gunfire that's plagued their neighborhood. 

Evansville police responded to 20 reports of shots fired over the weekend, several of them in south side neighborhoods.

On Monday night, residents tell 14 News that they are done being afraid of gun fire, they aren't leaving their homes, and they're going to take a stand against the violence.

"We mind our own business and we don't care what they do to each other. Why are they bringing it here," a resident said.

Several of the neighbors here on Ravenswood say they are combat veterans and the continuous nights of gun fire are too much to handle. 

"Last night, a man in his seventies, they shot up his vehicle. That hurts the whole neighborhood. This man would do anything for anybody," the resident said.

But instead of staying inside and hiding from the bullets, neighbors are ready to fight back.

"We were watching TV and all of a sudden pow, pow, threw him to the floor. I grabbed a baseball bat and went out the door. I only knew of one thing to do and that was to try and catch up to them, but I didn't know what I was going to do then," the resident said.

Neighbors say police respond to their calls, but they say officers had to leave to respond to other reports of shots fired throughout the night.

Anthony Clark lives in the area and also heard multiple gun shots. 

"Sounded like it was the O.K. Corral out here. It's just a shooting up bang, bang. It's like every other night anymore you hear that stuff in this relatively quiet neighborhood," Clark said.

"I should be able to walk out on my front porch and not worry about someone throwing a bullet, capping rounds off and shooting up my neighbors cars," a resident said.

Residents say they want to revive the neighborhood watch program and take back their neighborhood. 

"If somebody comes into my house or harm any of my neighbors, I'm not the only one. They're going to wish they hadn't," a resident said.

Residents say they've seen the Guardian in the area and they want it moved to their street. No word on Monday night from Evansville police on if that is a possibility.

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