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Animal control evaluates dogs rescued over weekend

On Monday afternoon, animal control made an evaluation of the dogs that were rescued this weekend in Ohio County. 

Animal control officials say only two of the dogs rescued were wolf hybrid mixes. The other dogs appear to be Huskies or Sheppard mixes.

The shelter is asking for public donations to pay for some of the vet bills and food costs. Ohio County Animal Control says more than 25 dogs were taken to a vet hospital in Owens and 12 remain at the shelter.

The animal shelter says they are not adopting the dogs at this time because they are considered wild and are afraid of people.  

You can still help out by sending your donations to the Ohio County Animal Shelter.  

"This is a totally new environment for them. They are use to be running on an extended amount of acres. Now they are in eight by four kennel. So you have to take your time with them, sit down with them and just lowly gain the animal's trust," said Dan Flinkfelt, with Henry/Trimble Animal control

The Ohio County Animal Shelter is also asking for animal rescues to help take the dogs out of the shelter. 

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