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After Sunday's mix-up, what are the plans for former River House Hotel?

An announcement on Sunday morning from the mayor's office about plans to turn the old River House Hotel into senior living apartments was retracted just a few hours later.  

So what happened?

On Sunday morning, the mayor's office announced Miller-Valentine Group, based in Cincinnati, had agreed to buy the property and turn it into 65 affordable senior living units.

That announcement was retracted and the mayor's office says that's because they were 'getting ahead of themselves.'

Back in January, the building's owner, George Yerolemou told 14 News that plans to turn this building into a Comfort Inn and Suites were in the works, but nothing has since come of that.

Residents and business owners aren't quite in agreement as to what they would want built here, but they do want something other than an empty building.

"I'd like to see that hotel a hotel again, being as we need hotels right now in Evansville. If the hotel doesn't pass then, with the city, then we're going to need all the hotels we can get," said Jeanette Phillips, the manager of Cambridge Arms Apartments.

Another idea 14 News heard on Monday is to simply tear the old hotel down and create more downtown parking space. Yerolemou says a design for a proposed project has been drawn-up and a development company has expressed interest in it. However, that is as specific as he wanted to be. 

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