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Number of animal bites growing in Hopkins Co., officials set record straight


The Hopkins County Health Department recently released figures into a growing number of animal bites. 

However, the directors at the humane society are setting the record straight concerning a certain type of dog and animal bites.

Numbers from the Hopkins County Health Department show 109 animal bites in the county so far this year.  

25 percent of those were unidentified animals, 19 percent were pit bulls, 15 percent cats. Other animals on the list were raccoons, hamsters, and snakes.

Humane society director, Charles Gentry, says that number is deceiving due to the large saturation of pit bulls in the area. 

"Some of the people have actually approached me and made comments to the tune of, 'Wow that must be a lot of pit bull bites,' when in fact only 19 percent of those were.  So there are misconceptions about certain breeds. It's not a breed problem, it's a people problem. Just not caring for them, not the proper training and not spaying and neutering," Gentry said.

Gentry says spaying or neutering decreases territorialness and hormone levels.

That crucial first step can be done at the Hopkins County Humane Society where spaying and neutering can be as low as $50, sometimes even $20. 

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