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Future of Downtown Evansville hotel still undecided

On Monday night the Evansville City Council was scheduled to take a final vote on Evansville's controversial Downtown Convention Hotel project.

However, it does appear that the council will delay the vote for one week. 

A majority of the council had already voiced their opposition, and confirmed that they would vote "no," but there's been another development in what was considered a major obstacle to getting the deal done.

Council members had pointed to the cost to the taxpayers as a reason for their opposition.

Mayor Lloyd Winnecke has been working to make that less of a problem.

On Friday, the cost of the project was reduced by $6 million by removing the retail portion of the proposal.

On Monday, they announced the public investment has now been lowered to $20 million, while the private investment has been increased by $13 million.

Old National Bank CEO Bob Jones and others reportedly helped make sure the new investment would be possible.

The mayor's office says only the financing aspect of the deal has changed. The hotel plan itself, including the number of rooms, has not changed.

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