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LST 325 arrives home in Evansville after weeks on tour


The historic LST 325 arrived back in Evansville Monday afternoon after weeks touring different cities along the Ohio River.

Mayor Lloyd Winnecke was among those on board the ship as it headed back to Evansville.

"I think it's a great sign in that there's great interest in this ship, the history of our country and the fact that we're on the ship as we speak, bringing it home to its rightful place in Evansville is great," Mayor Winnecke said.

Mayor Winnecke has been working to keep the ship docked in Evansville.

"It's a source of great pride given Evansville's role in the war, so we're going to do everything within our power to keep the LST in Evansville. Very hopeful we can do that," Mayor Winnecke said.

The crew, made up of over 30 volunteers, worked effortlessly to maintain the ship on its last leg of the journey. The LSTs Captain Bob Jorlin said he has got a good team.

"This ship has a magic, it has an addiction and compulsive attraction. You come and work on this ship for a week and I can guarantee you that you'll be back," Captain Jorlin said.

Boats and people along the river greeted the LST on the river Monday morning as the ship slowly made its way back to Evansville.

The tour, the old warship has taken, is part of the USS LST 325 Ship Memorial Board to maintain the ship as a moveable museum to honor and celebrate those who served aboard. 

LST 325 was built in 1942 and served in many operations, including D-Day on Omaha Beach in Normandy.

The LST is a landing ship tank, which was used to land tanks, vehicles, soldiers and supplies directly on to enemy beaches.

Over 1,000 ships were built for World War II, many of them being built in Evansville.

Officials said that once the old warship docks in Evansville, it will be open for tours.

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