Heartbreak Hotel?

Photo: coolrooms.com
Photo: coolrooms.com

Monday, September 23, 2013

Final Vote

A massive crowd is expected at the Civic Center tonight when the Evansville City Council votes on the proposed downtown convention hotel project. a preview on Sunrise.

Death Investigation

New information discovered about the woman at the center of a death investigation in Ohio County where authorities believe the woman's wolf dogs may have eaten her body, faced numerous animal cruelty charges.

LST 325 Homecoming

LST 325 is coming back to Evansville after a visit up river.  T.J. Parker has the latest live along the riverfront.

Kenya Mall Shooting

Shots have been heard today and military helicopters continue to circle an upscale mall in Nairobi. A Kenyan military spokesman says the fate of hostages held by al-Qaida-linked terrorists still isn't clear despite earlier statements that "most" hostages had been rescued. Somalia's rebel group, al-Shabab, claims responsibility.

Cool start to Fall

A weak system to our south will bring some clouds and a small chance for rain Tuesday and early Wednesday, mainly to western Kentucky.  Temperatures will gradually warm this week as a southerly flow develops.  Byron has the forecast.

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