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Hotel developer agrees to cut from hotel project budget in hopes to sway city council

Evansville Mayor Lloyd Winnecke has narrowed the scope of the proposed downtown hotel project to save $6 million.

Just days before the vote, he's hoping it's enough to persuade some council members to change their "no" votes.

In an email obtained by 14 News on Friday night, the mayor told council members that he met with developer HCW to cut the public subsidy two ways. 

He is eliminating the proposed retail space for now. That shaves $5 million off the cost of the project.

The developer agreed to pick up $1 million of the cost to build.

The mayor says this cuts the public's share from $37.5 million to $31.5 million.

Six of nine council members, including President Connie Robinson, say they plan to vote against the project. No word on whether the new proposal has changed their minds.

The official vote on the project's financing is set for Monday.

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