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Man breaks into woman's house to nap

A Birdseye woman was very surprised to come home and find a strange man sleeping on her couch.

Dubois County Sheriff's Deputies arrested 45-year-old Donald Reiner on Thursday on burglary charges after, they say, he broke into that home.

Deputies say drug influence likely played a factor into Reiner's decision to break in to the home of Alberta Sturgeon.

She says she's never experienced such a strange occurrence, and that it shocked and terrified her.

"I have no idea who he was, where he came from, or anything else," said Sturgeon. "He really acted strange to me."

Sturgeon says Reiner appeared to be incoherent and he wouldn't leave, so she called the police.

When deputies asked Reiner why he broke in to Sturgeon's home, he said he had been walking on the road and was trying to find a place to rest.

Deputies say Reiner is also linked to several car burglaries in Dubois County.

He is being held in the Dubois County Jail.

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