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Police need your help identifying counterfeit money

Evansville Police say they may have made a break in a case regarding counterfeit bills circulating throughout the city.

Officials arrested Gary Bentley Jr. and Muriel Pitt after they tried to pass fake bills at a local business.

Officials at Tri-State Towing say they noticed the couple trying to pay their $80-bill with a series of $10 bills that didn't look quite right.

The Evansville Police Bunco Unit says Bentley gave Pitt the money to get her car back, but the impound lot recognized the fake money and turned them away.

Officials believe Pitt did not know the money was fake and believe Bentley knows where the money came from.

Police found torn up money in his pockets and in his vehicle.

Investigators say the money circulating around Evansville is poor quality and is easy to identify.

Police stress the importance of local businesses calling the police when they suspect counterfeit bills because their investigations rely on good leads.

"They noticed that the $10 bills weren't the actual size that the normal $10 bill is," said Tri-State Towing General Manager, Eric Crawford. "It looked a little bit discolored, so it raised a red flag and then they immediately said well we cannot take these as payment, so the customer turned around and left and we reported it to the authorities."

Evansville Police say they've seen ten cases of counterfeit bills in the past five days and they say that's just the number that's actually been reported.

They say if you do suspect that someone is using a counterfeit bill, it is important to call the authorities so that fake money doesn't continue to circulate throughout the city.


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