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Taking A Stand: Politics at its worst

On Monday September 23rd, the Evansville City Council will vote on the hotel project.     

It will be the most critical vote the City Council will make this year. 

It is also politics at its worst.   

I applaud the mayor for not giving up on this project until the vote is taken, despite the fact that some Council Member made up their mind regardless of the devastating repercussions Evansville faces if the downtown hotel is voted down. 

The mayor answered every question and objection posed by the opposition thoroughly and honestly. 

The project was vetted openly and HCW has agreed to sharing  their financial information with the exception of the political bullying by Councilman Friend , who demanded personal financial discloser.

Out of the ordinary and out of line. Politics at its worst. 

Now the diversion tactic of bringing the IU Medical School into the discussion. 

Not really relevant to the hotel project except for the fact that IU will not consider locating a medical school in a downtown that is not on a track of revitalization. 

It also sends the message that Evansville is town that is hard to deal with. 

The medical school does not negate the need for a robust downtown development plan.  

The hotel must come first if we want to attract medical conventions. 

The adjacent apartments will be needed to house medical students. 

IU Trustees won't consider Evansville if we don't have the means to house a medical campus.

It's not too late to contact the members of the City Council that are expected to vote no.  Make them accountable for their vote, that might just kill this city's future.

Click here to contact these councilman and tell them you are for a progressive and vibrant City of Evansville. 

Tell them the downtown hotel project is the first step.


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