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KTC says over 100 bridges need repairs

A new repot shows over 100 Kentucky bridges are in need of repair or need to be replaced all together.

The U.S. 60 Spottsville Bridge in Henderson County is one on a list of many that need to be replaced.

Crews say the bridge that was built over 80 years ago needs some attention because of it's age.

The Kentucky Transportation Cabinet considers the Spottsville bridge "functionally obsolete," which means a new bridge needs to be built.

Keith Todd of the KTC says there's no need for alarm

He says bridges that are at more risk, like the Spottsville bridge, get check more often. The main problem with this bridge is it's too narrow especially for two large trucks to meet in the middle.

Todd says drivers who don't follow posted weight limits weaken the bridge even more, which is adding more bridges to the list that need to be repaired or replaced.

"Anything that falls below 10-tons is going to be placed on a list pretty quickly," said Todd.

The KTC says currently roughly six bridges in our area are in the process of being replaced.

The Spottsville bridge is safe for traffic and is scheduled to be replaced in about five to ten years.

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