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Daviess County school creates ‘Art for the Sky’

Deer Park Elementary School held a series of special events for High Attendance Week, culminating with a special "Art for the Sky" project on Wednesday.

Nationally recognized conceptual artist Daniel Dancer of Oregon has designed and documented his unique works of art in 30 states. His visit to Deer Park will be his first in Kentucky. According to his website, www.artforthesky.com, Dancer became fascinated with "sky art" when he encountered the famous Nazca Lines of Peru in the 1980s. When he returned to the United States, he worked with a field artist to create an image using a tractor and crops to create an image visible only from the sky – a 25-acre portrait of a Native American. He invited elementary school students to align themselves as "beads" on the headband. Based on this experience, students realized "things are not always what they seem," and Dancer began his mission of teaching children that a "big picture" view of the world is essential.

The artist and school representatives collaborated to create a design that is unique and representative of Deer Park Elementary School. Students also assisted the artist in laying out a grid for the design.

The project intended to teach children the importance of planning and intentional thought processes; collaboration; interconnection; gratitude; and impermanence, which reminds us that every moment is precious and that everything is in a state of evolution and change. Another key element is that of "sky sight." Dancer explains, "Our individual and societal problems may be compared to a sky art image. Both resist understanding from a localized, ground-level perspective, like not being able to see the forest for the trees. Training our imaginations to awaken our ‘sky sight,' to rise above our problems and see the elusive Grand Picture and how each part fits into the whole is a vital skill that can lead us to the most creative solutions."

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