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Authorities seeing rise in counterfeit bills around the area

Evansville police say they've seen an increase in counterfeit bills being passed in the past few weeks.

They think the bills are likely coming from one place and believe they're being printed on an inkjet printer. Police say gas stations and fast food restaurants have been hit.

The EPD tells 14 News that they've seen fake $100 bills, but mostly it seems to be $20 bills that are circulating.

"What we're telling our retail stores right now is if they get $20s and $100s, if they even have an inkling that there's something wrong with the bill or they just want to be 100 percent sure every time, is to use a counterfeit pen to check it. That'll tell them really quick if it's good or not," said EPD Sgt. Jason Cullum.

Police say sometimes people are given counterfeit bills without knowing it. They say they're not arresting people who may try to pay with a fake bill, unless police can prove they knew the bill was counterfeit. 

Officers say they see increases in counterfeit bills like this periodically.

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