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Police confirm device found in Vincennes park was pipe bomb

Photo Courtesy: WVUB Photo Courtesy: WVUB
The pipe bomb was found inside Kimmell Park along this wall. The pipe bomb was found inside Kimmell Park along this wall.

Vincennes Police confirms to 14 News that the suspicious device found in a Vincennes park Wednesday morning and destroyed by an Indiana State Police Explosive Ordinance Disposal team was a pipe bomb.

Officials say they discovered the suspicious device just after 3:30 central time along the wall inside Kimmell Park. 

Police say a patrolman was driving through Kimmell Park when he noticed smoke in the area. He got out of the car to check it out, when he saw a cylindrical device that looked like a bomb.

Police set up a perimeter around Kimmell Park on the riverfront and the Indiana State Police EOD team was called in to investigate.

Authorities say it looks like the bomb's fuse malfunctioned so the bomb did not go off. The device was contained and destroyed by EOD.

Vincennes Police Chief Dusty Luking says it could have hurt or killed those in the area.

"It could have absolutely been deadly" said Luking. "I mean within a close proximity maybe five, six feet it could have killed somebody. Within ten feet maybe it could have blinded someone or worse," he said. "You just don't know and the idea that those break up whenever they explode they could have hurt somebody from quite a distance away."

Authorities say no evacuations were ordered because it was not near a residential area.

Authorities say the bomb was found near the entrance of the park which is close to the Vincennes University track field.

Vincennes University students and staff were notified through email with the following alert:

VU E-Alert: Vincennes City Police have located a suspected pipe bomb near the entrance of Kimmell Park. In response, a safety perimeter has been blocked off including the Construction Technology Building and the VU track. Do not attempt to enter this area until further notice.

Officials say the VU track field and the Construction Technology Building were closed off to the public while the police investigated. They have since been given the all clear and classes are resuming as scheduled.

Vincennes Police say this is still an on-going investigation and if you have any information, you're asked to call police.

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