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Parents on alert after report of man approaching young girls at Newburgh Park

Officials have told parents to be on alert after a report of a suspicious man approaching young girls at Newburgh Park. 

The warning was posted on the Warrick County Awareness Facebook page late Monday night. A parent of a 7-year old girl told other parents to be on alert.

"They climb on the equipment and they like the merry-go-round. They run and they meet other kids," Newburgh mother Jennifer Hensley said. 

Hensley said she has never had a problem bringing her six children to Newburgh Park.

"I have told them, 'Don't talk to people you don't know, but be nice. If they do talk to you, be nice and walk away and come tell me,'" Hensley said.  

On Sunday, police received a report of a man, possibly a teenager, approaching a 7-year-old girl and her friend and making inappropriate suggestions and remarks. 

"I was kind of surprised because most people out here are friendly," Hensley said.

Police have not identified a suspect.

"Very sickening inside. That's not right," neighbor Don Davidson said. "I wouldn't put up with it and I hope anyone else that sees it going on, they don't put up with it." 

Police have asked families to be on alert and report anything that may be suspicious. Those at the park Tuesday night said they'll keep their eyes peeled.

"They just need to watch, they just need to watch. You just never know. You never know," Davidson said. 

A sergeant with the police department said an official report is in the works. If you have any information, call Newburgh police.

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